Modern History

The supreme authority of the Olympic Movement is The International Olympic Committee. Founded on June 23 1894 by the Baron Pierre de Coubertin who was inspired to revive the Olympic Games of ancient Greece. Today IOC is an international non-governmental non-profit organisation. In June 2003 IOC had 126 members, 22 honorary members and 4 honour members. The former IOC president Juan Antonio Samaranch is Honorary President for life.

The IOC exists to serve as an umbrella organisation of the Olympic Federation in the member countries and supervise the organizers of the different summer and winter Olympic Games.

The Executive Board were founded first in 1921, consists of the IOC President, four Vice-Presidents and ten other members.

Every one of the 199 member countries has a National Olympic Committee.

There are currently 199 National Olympic Committees over five continents. Click on the map below to access the list of NOCs for each continent.

IOC owns all rights to the Olympic symbols, flag, motto, anthem and Olympic Games.

PRESIDENTS of the IOC from 1894

Demetrius VIKELAS, Greece
President 1894 – 1896

Pierre de COUBERTIN, France
President 1896 – 1925

Henri de BAILLET-LATOUR (Belgium)
President of the IOC 1925 – 1942

J. Sigfrid EDSTRÖM> (Sweden)
President of the IOC 1946 – 1952

Avery BRUNDAGE (United States of America)
President of the IOC 1952 – 1972

Lord KILLANIN (Ireland)
President of the IOC 1972 – 1980

Juan Antonio SAMARANCH, Spain
President 1980 – 2001

Jacques ROGGE, Belgium
President since July 16, 2001
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